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2020 Town of Rushford Newsletter
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1.  CLEANUP HELP FROM THE STORM:  (Please check back, for this area has been declared a state of emergency and other options might be available to you)

.On a side note, the Town is very appreciative to the County, Fruends, Rushford Fire Department and to ALL that helped during this storm.  So many neighbors came together to help clear roads, yards and ensure safety. 

Eric Rasmussen, Winnebago Co Emergency Management, sent the following for Town possible reimbursement from the storms that impacted Winnebago Co on 7/28 and 7/29:

While our County will not meet the criteria for FEMA's Public Assistance Program, Wisconsin Emergency Management has a state-funded program called the Wisconsin Disaster Fund that may be available. Wisconsin Disaster fund is modeled after The Stafford Act as well as FEMA's Public Assistance Program with a little more relaxed eligibility criteria (please see the Administrative Plan referenced below). 

Under Wisconsin Disaster Fund the State reimburses 70% of the eligible costs and the Applicant (Town or City) would be responsible for the remaining 30%. This program does not cover reimbursement of private property loss; and it will only cover eligible expenses for Debris Clearance, Emergency Protective Measures, and Roads and Bridges that are the responsibility of the Applicant. 

As with any disaster reimbursement program, accurate documentation is essential to being eligible for reimbursement. The documentation of costs imposed by the disaster will be the responsibility of the Town. For this Declaration the Applicant (Town) would need to submit a Local Applicant Request and Damage Assessment Documentation by September 27, 2021 (see link below). If you find that you have not documented your recovery efforts appropriately to this point, there is still the potential that future efforts on this storm event could be covered under this program. 

Information about the Wisconsin Disaster Fund can be found at: . I would encourage you to begin by watching the Wisconsin Disaster Fund Overview Video ( ) and reviewing the Wisconsin Disaster Fund Administrative Plan ( ).

In the future our office will need to make contact with the State within 72-hours of the disaster to ensure that our Towns and Cities can maintain eligibility. The way the Governor's Emergency Declaration was worded this time allowed us to be eligible for this program beyond 72-hours. In the future, if you feel like your Town may meet the eligibility criteria for FEMA Public Assistance or Wisconsin Disaster Fund; it is critical that you start documentation immediately and accurately, and contact our office. 

If you feel that your Town is eligible for Wisconsin Disaster Fund reimbursement, you will need to contact our office on or before August 23, 2021 with your local disaster declaration and total eligible damage estimate. 

If you have questions or need additional information in regards to this program, please reach out to our office. 

Thank you,
Eric Rasmussen
Director of Emergency Management
Office: (920) 236-7463
Cell: (920) 410-1495

2.  The Sheriff's Office is continually receiving complaints regarding Scams and Frauds that are taking place and affecting residents of Winnebago Co.  Please read the following information to get helpful tips and some of the latest scams.  Click Here for the article.

3.  Meth is becoming a big problem not just in the cities, but in Winnebago County.  Click on the links to see the "Meth Lab Property Indicators" and "Signs of meth use or sales"